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Pool Cage Plus is a convenient and economical way to keep your investment looking like new. Now you can clean your pool or lanai cage with minimal effort and professional results. Simply hook the specially designed attachment up to your existing hose, and you are ready to remove stains associated with mold and mildew at a fraction of the cost charged by professional cleaners. Professional cleaners typically charge $125 to over $250 to clean pool cages! With our state-of-the-art bottle, you can do it yourself and achieve the same results WITHOUT pressure cleaners or getting on a ladder. The specially designed head can shoot up to 25 feet! No gimmicks, just results!

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PestGuard Watergate Lanai DrainNew! PestGuard WaterGate™ Lanai Drain

Pest Protection with built-in water drain. The revolutionary NEW idea for Screened Enclosures that: cleans your deck area with just Pool Cage Plus and a simple, low-pressure garden hose!

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We used Pool Cage Plus this weekend and I am very happy with the results. Applied just as directed and took that mold off in less than 20 minutes! (I did wait longer before I rinsed though!~Dan Wilson

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